Combat Experience Prepares Bomb Appraisal Officer for TSA Work

Friday, January 30, 2009
Image of STSO Flood

Air Force Staff Sgt. Mike Sears, who is a TSA bomb appraisal officer at Pittsburgh International Airport, has multiple awards during his military service.

Sears, who has been in the Air Force six years and recently re-enlisted, has deployed several times, most recently to Afghanistan as an explosive ordnance technician. There, he and his team defused more than 30 improvised explosive devices and took part in more than 80 explosives-related combat missions, often coming under enemy fire. Those missions as well as post-investigations of improvised explosive devices led to several individuals being captured.

"Staff Sgt. Sears’s dedication to duty has saved countless lives while risking his own on a daily basis," said Pittsburgh FSD Joe Terrell. "We’re proud to have him as part of our team. Mike leads by example every day, in everything he accomplishes."

Sears was recognized with the USO George Van Cleave Leadership Award, a honor given to one member of each branch of the military every year; the NJ ANG CMSGT Richard W. Spencer Outstanding NCO (AIR) of the Year award; and the Military Officers Association of America Outstanding Junior Officer, Non-Commissioned Officer and Enlisted Man of the Year award.