Orlando Employee Helps Distraught Teen

Friday, May 15, 2009

TSA Weekly

On a sunny Florida spring day, Field Counsel Patty Spivey-Wilson of TSA Orlando exemplified what it means to “serve the public.”

Driving home from work, she noticed a male teenager sitting on the wall of the highway overpass, with one leg hanging on the opposite side. As she pulled over, she observed that he seemed upset and was holding a bloody cloth over his arm.

Spivey-Wilson pulled up and when she asked whether he needed help, the youth said he was going to jump. As he moved the cloth, she noticed what appeared to be cut marks.

A mother herself who raised teenagers, Spivey-Wilson calmly engaged the young man, while dialing 911. She continued to talk with him until Brevard County Sheriff Deputies arrived and transported the teen to safety.

“TSA goals include situational awareness, and responding to prevent, protect and restore,” said FSD John Daly, who presented Spivey-Wilson with a TSA Orlando coin. “Patty’s actions reflect the highest standards of TSA’s public service.”

Photo of FSD John Daly with TSA Field Counsel Patty Spivey-Wilson. FSD John Daly with TSA Field Counsel Patty Spivey-Wilson.
Photo by Paul Rivosecchi