TSA Hosts Global Security Conference

Friday, August 7, 2009

As people across the globe become increasingly interconnected, enhanced transportation networks and technology have made the old saying, "it's a small world" take on a more literal meaning. The Internet, telecommunications and transportation systems continue to evolve to offer individuals around the world more opportunities to communicate and travel.

TSA understands the importance of this international network and has made it a priority to work with our global partners to bolster security methods, sharing best practices and collaboratively address evolving threats.

TSA recently hosted an aviation security conference in Brussels, Belgium with our European Union (EU) partners to discuss a variety of shared security topics. The partnership between TSA and the EU continues to strengthen joint security strategies for both passenger and employee screening. The conference was successful in continuing an open dialog and sharing best practices for employee security procedures, security checkpoints, and checked baggage screening.

With over 130,000 flights from the EU, over 33 million passengers are expected to travel to the United States in 2009. This number will increase with the establishment of the U.S. – European Union (EU) Air Transport Agreement in March 2008 which authorizes every U.S. and every EU airline to fly between every city in the EU and every city in the United States. Recognizing our shared interest in the security of the traveling public, TSA has been working closely with the EU since TSA’s creation in 2001.

Sharing information is a key layer of security that has resulted in some life saving successes in the past, most notably the thwarted UK liquid explosives plot in August 2006. Global transportation security organizations all share a common goal of reducing risk and implement layers of security that keep the bad guys off balance and our skies safe. The world’s security leaders agree applying multiple layers of security and implementing them in an unpredictable way makes penetrating the system much more difficult.

TSA and the EU are taking the lead in enhancing this effort by proactively sharing best practices and learning from each others successful policies. Integrating layers of security, utilizing promising new technology, engaging the aviation community, and increasing stakeholder awareness world-wide ensures passenger safety wherever you may fly.

By working closely with our global partners in Europe and beyond, TSA continues to strengthen aviation security in the U.S and across the world.