9th Annual TSA Coalition Conference

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The 9th Annual TSA Coalition Conference was held at TSA Headquarters September 7th, 2011. The conference was sponsored by TSA’s Office of the Special Counselor, which includes the Office of Civil Rights and Liberties and the Office of Disability Policy and Outreach. The TSA Disability Coalition and the Multi-Cultural Coalition includes leaders from organizations representing various religious, cultural, and disability communities. The purpose of this annual conference is to bring together coalition members and TSA senior leadership to discuss advances in security screening and issues of concern to the constituents of the coalition members. This year’s conference focused on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and improving the security screening experience for passengers with disabilities and religious and cultural groups traveling through the checkpoints at airports nationwide. The speakers reflected on the evolution and future of TSA and shared the latest information about TSA’s screening programs, initiatives, and technologies which seek to protect against evolving terrorist threats while preserving the rights and dignity of the traveling public.

TSA Administrator John Pistole addressed the group and stressed the importance of working together to provide the best and most efficient security while preserving the civil rights and liberties of the American public. He also discussed his plans for implementing a more risk-based, intelligence-driven approach to security. The coalition also heard from TSA intelligence officials, customer service representatives, and TSA technology experts.

Coalition members and event attendees provided constructive and positive feedback and expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to meet with TSA leadership to discuss transportation security for their respective communities.