TSA to demonstrate how simple it is to travel through a security checkpoint with a small pet

Local Press Release
Friday, March 11, 2016

RICHMOND, Va. – Travelers are allowed to bring their pets into airplanes to fly alongside them to their destinations. Small dogs and cats can enjoy their flights in hand-held carriers accompanied by their humans, which means a trip through the TSA checkpoint.

Come to Richmond International Airport on Friday, March 11, to see how easy it is for travelers to bring their small dogs and cats through an airport checkpoint. We have a few dogs and their humans lined up to show you TSA’s process for screening pets that people want to bring with them when they travel. A TSA checkpoint should not deter pet-lovers from bringing along their small dogs and cats. Let us show you the simple steps needed to screen small pets.

We hope you can join us to see how TSA officers screen pets and their humans as they come through the checkpoint. This event offers good visuals, sound and one-on-one interviews that your viewers, listeners and readers will find helpful for their next flight.

Who: TSA representatives plus some volunteers and their puppies.

What: A demonstration on how TSA officers screen pets at airport checkpoints.

When: 9:30 a.m. on Friday, March 11.

Where: Reporters should please meet us at Richmond International Airport in the atrium between the checkpoints.

RSVP: Please let us know if you plan to attend this event by sending me an e-mail at Lisa.Farbstein@tsa.dhs.gov.