TSA looks to prior service members to fill ranks

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Operating on the front lines of the nation's transportation systems, TSA is dedicated to fielding a highly trained workforce committed to protecting highways, rail, maritime, aviation, mass transit and pipelines.

More than 25 percent of TSA’s total workforce has prior military experience and as the military’s drawdown continues, the armed forces are expected to separate a million service members over the next several years. TSA is committed to reaching that talented pool by supporting the employment of veterans.

Through a dedicated veteran programs office and other hiring processes, TSA is able to recruit, attract and retain qualified veteran talent. Between May 1 and Oct. 31, 2015, TSA hired 520 personnel with prior military experience.

In addition, TSA recently enacted the Veterans’ Appointment Authority—which allows the agency to hire qualified veteran candidates for management, administrative, and professional positions in a more streamlined fashion—much like the Veterans’ Recruitment Appointment used in other federal agencies.

 “We can appoint eligible veterans to certain positions as long as they meet the qualification requirements for the position,” said TSA Veteran Programs Manager Mark Escherich. “It’s now an easier process to bring in a qualified veteran to fill vacancies we have in the agency.”

Veterans serve across TSA in a wide range of positions, including transportation security officers, federal air marshals, explosives specialists, intelligence analysts, and various other mission support positions.

To reach some of the approximately 200,000 service members who separate from the military each year, Escherich travels to many of the large military installations in the National Capital Region and across the U.S. to share the agency’s narrative, which frequently resonates with an audience experienced in service and duty.

For more information, email TSAVets@tsa.dhs.gov or visit the Office of Personnel Management Vet Guide.