Acting Administrator Gowadia speaks at ALPA Aviation Security Conference

Friday, March 31, 2017

TSA Acting Administrator Huban Gowadia delivered opening remarks at the Air Line Pilots Association, International, Aviation Security Conference, in Washington, DC, March 29.  

The security conference brought together professionals and aviation stakeholders from government agencies, airlines, members of the Air Line Pilots Association and more. This conference provided a forum for speakers to share insights, discuss upcoming changes and  answer questions from the audience.

Acting Administrator Gowadia discussed TSA’s Innovation Task Force and shared her vision for aviation security. TSA established this task force to partner and work with industry partners, including airlines, airports, surface mode operators, and technology manufacturers to develop innovative solutions.  For example, automated screening lanes and computed tomography are some of the technologies and innovation resulting from efforts of this group.

“Computed tomography utilizes 3D-imaging and detection software to help operators automatically identify threats, which may eliminate the need for divestiture of liquids for carry-on passenger baggage screening,” said Gowadia. “This technology has the potential to be a game-changer for TSA and passengers. Not only will TSA see increased security detection, but passengers could potentially experience a calmer, more pleasant checkpoint encounter.”

Gowadia also revealed other upcoming possibilities such as biometric authentication technology and enhanced advanced imaging technology. “We are excited about the potential of Biometric Authentication Technology, or BAT. We are envisioning a day when your face is your boarding pass. BAT uses facial or fingerprint data to identify known travelers and provide the appropriate level of screening,” Gowadia said.

Gowadia concluded by highlighting the importance of TSA’s partnership with the aviation industry. “We’ll succeed only with the commitment of those partners and our colleagues, like ALPA. We must continue to think forward and marshal our collective expertise, resources, and will to meet the latest challenges, such as unmanned aircraft systems and cyber-threats,” she said.

The Air Line Pilots Association was formed in 1931 and is the largest airline pilot union in the world representing more than 55,000 pilots at 32 U.S. and Canadian airlines.

Read the prepared remarks by Acting Administrator Huban Gowadia.