TSA hosts STEM event for local high school students

Friday, April 7, 2017

TSA’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis and Office of Law Enforcement – in cooperation with the Women in Homeland Security – hosted the second annual Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics tour for students from the Arlington Career Center on Friday, March 31, at TSA Headquarters in Arlington, Va.

The event began with members of the Federal Air Marshal Service providing a demonstration of a use of force simulator, or virtual shooting range. The students were able to experience first-hand how this technology helps prepare FAMs for any situations they may encounter onboard a plane.

The students also had the opportunity to participate in an Intermodal Virtual Imaging Enhancement Workshop table-top exercise. I-VIEW is an interactive training tool that helps transportation operators, first responders, law enforcement officials and security personnel prepare for emergency situations.

STEM is an initiative designed to provide students with opportunities to be successful in various science-based career fields and encourage students to pursue careers in these areas. The annual TSA STEM event gives students the chance to explore career options in homeland security.

“I absolutely think it opens up their minds,” said Jodi Terhorst of the Office of Intelligence and Analysis’s Risk Analysis Division. “They get some hands-on experience and I think this is the best way to motivate and inspire these young minds to figure out what they really want to do.”