TSA survey results show significant increase in employee job satisfaction

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National Press Release
Thursday, August 3, 2006

WASHINGTON - The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) said today that employees are increasingly satisfied in the workplace according to the agency’s 2006 Organizational Satisfaction Survey. Overall job satisfaction increased 24 percent and employees indicated the agency is experiencing an upward trend in many critical areas. The most significant increases were in work environment/quality of work life, teamwork and diversity.

“The survey helps us determine agency priorities with respect to workforce issues, as well as validate new employee-focused initiatives,” said Kip Hawley, TSA’s Assistant Secretary.  “As a start-up organization nearing the five-year mark, we would expect to see increased satisfaction from the workforce. The results also confirm our continued active pursuit of a wide-range of organizational improvements.”

The prevalent workforce message is that employees have pride in working for the agency and find their work to be important.  Another message is that while TSA has achieved increased workplace satisfaction, opportunities remain for continued improvement.  Hawley said employee feedback will be used to resolve issues of importance to the workforce. 

More than half of the 15 employee satisfaction categories increased.  The only significant decline is in the area of innovation. 

Compared with the first survey in 2004, this year’s results are more favorable. Every person employed by TSA on December 31, 2005 had an opportunity to fill out the confidential survey and provide feedback on workforce issues.  TSA hired a third party contractor to distribute, collect, and compile results of the survey.

The 2004 survey served as a catalyst for many enhancements agency-wide including work environment/safety improvements and establishing a new performance management system and distinct career paths for Transportation Security Officers.   In part, due to the 2004 survey, TSA recently announced a new Career Progression Program with new pay bands that significantly broaden career advancement opportunities for Security Officers.  This program allows the agency to recognize, retain and advance our experienced and high-performing employees.  This year’s survey will also be used to identify best practices in place and to develop action plans that address employee retention and incentives.