TSA announces expansion of self-select lanes to Newark Liberty International Airport

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Friday, October 10, 2008

NEWARK, N.J. – The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) today announced the expansion of its popular "Self-Select Lanes" to Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR). Self-Select Lanes are comprised of a series of lanes designated by signage that directs passengers based on their travel needs and knowledge –Casual, for passengers who travel less frequently, but are familiar with the security process; and Family/Special Assistance, for passengers traveling with small children or strollers, elderly passengers and passengers who may need special assistance.

Airports that have instituted the Self-Select Lanes have seen an overall increase in passenger satisfaction with the screening process. TSA officers are also discovering fewer prohibited items because families are given more time to prepare without feeling pressured. Currently 44 airports nation-wide have rolled out this program.

"Our goal for the Self-Select Lanes program is a calmer, more efficient checkpoint," said Newark Liberty International Airport Federal Security Director Barbara Powell. "We hope to see lower wait times for the most experienced travelers and reduce pressure on families and special needs passengers by giving them more time to prepare for screening."

The Transportation Security Administration screens on average 35,000 to 40,000 passengers each day at Newark Liberty International Airport. The TSA Self-Select Lanes are located in Continental Airlines' Terminal C at Checkpoint C-1. Continental Airlines continues to provide the EliteAccess lane for BusinessFirst, First Class and OnePass Elite customers.

TSA is in the process of selecting additional airports based on input from our partners. Airport selection is based on a number of factors, including checkpoint configuration, stakeholder support and passenger population.

For more information on TSA's Self-Select Lanes program, please visit www.tsa.gov.