TSA unveils security checkpoints at the new Indianapolis International Airport

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Local Press Release
Friday, November 7, 2008

INDIANAPOLISThe Transportation Security Administration (TSA) today unveiled the security checkpoints at the new Indianapolis International Airport. The checkpoints blend advanced technology features and passenger-calming checkpoint elements.

The new checkpoints include millimeter wave technology that enables TSA officers, in a matter of seconds, to detect weapons, explosives and other metallic and non-metallic threat items without physical contact. The technology passes harmless electromagnetic waves over the body to create an image that looks much like a fuzzy negative.

For screening carry-on bags, TSA will deploy multi-view X-ray technology to Indianapolis. Multi-view X-ray systems provide a significant increase in detail and sophistication from current, single-view X-ray and can be upgraded so the machines evolve as threats evolve.

"We are very excited to be launching these new technologies here in Indianapolis," said Federal Security Director David Kane. "In combination with the Self-Select program and the new airport environment, they will ensure we continue to provide a high level of security for all travelers."

TSA's Self-Select Lanes program enables travelers to select one of three lanes – Expert, Casual or Families/Special Assistance – based on their needs and experience with the security screening process.

TSA integrated elements of its Evolution initiative, like cool colored lights and new technology, into the checkpoint and partnered with the Indianapolis Airport Authority to create a streamlined checkpoint environment. Calming down the checkpoint enables security officers to increase passenger interaction, resulting in better airport security and an improved experience for travelers.

"By working closely with TSA throughout all phases of the planning, design and construction of the new Indianapolis airport, we believe passengers will see a marked improvement in their comfort and convenience when clearing security," said Robert Spitler, director of security for the Indianapolis Airport Authority. "Not only are the checkpoints more spacious, they are filled with natural light and specially commissioned public art."

TSA employs a layered approach to security using people, process and technology. These layers, including advanced technology, behavior detection officers and federal air marshals, work together at airports like Indianapolis International to create a secure transportation environment.

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