TSA expands explosives detection capability at Evansville Regional Airport

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Local Press Release
Monday, June 29, 2009

EVANSVILLE, Ind. – The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) today announced the deployment of two Reveal explosives detection system (EDS) machines for screening checked baggage at Evansville Regional Airport (EVV). The Reveal CT-80s are smaller in size and less than half the price of other EDS machines currently in use at many commercial airports nationwide.

Incorporating explosives detection systems into the security process at Evansville will streamline the baggage screening experience for travelers and for Transportation Security Officers who will no longer need to lift as many heavy bags, thereby reducing the potential for injuries.

"By adding explosive detection systems at Evansville, we greatly enhance the security at the airport with a state-of-the-art technology designed to detect explosive materials," said TSA Federal Security Director David Kane. "We look forward to continuing to provide a high level of security for travelers in the region with this technology."

"The airport is very pleased with TSA's decision to install this equipment as it offers our passengers a quicker and easier check in process in addition to improving overall security," said EVV Marketing Manager Dianna Kissel.

As of June 2009 TSA had deployed 270 Reveal machines at a total of 99 airports, including at the original pilot locations. Evansville was the 97th airport to receive this equipment. The Reveal technology was specifically designed for use at mostly small to medium-sized airports. TSA originally tested the technology in 2005 where the agency evaluated the machines' effectiveness in an airport environment as well as their impact on security and customer service.

Reveal EDS machines were certified in December 2004 by TSA's Transportation Security Laboratory in Atlantic City, N.J. Reveal was the third company to have its explosives detection equipment certified by TSA for screening checked baggage at the nation's airports.

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