TSA and Georgian United Transport Administration partner to enhance aviation security

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National Press Release
Tuesday, September 22, 2009

TBILISI, Georgia - The U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the Georgian United Transport Administration (UTA) today announced a cooperative effort to enhance aviation security.

With the signing of a Joint Statement of Intent between the TSA and the UTA, both agencies pledged to partner in a comprehensive program of aviation security enhancements, including plans for comprehensive assessments, developing targeted aviation security programs and sharing best practices.

"The collaboration between TSA and the Georgian United Transport Administration emphasizes each agency's commitment to aviation security worldwide," said Cindy Farkus, Assistant Administrator for TSA's Office of Global Strategies. "Through this partnership, both nations will further strengthen the global transportation network by developing sustainable security practices."

To support this partnership, TSA has deployed an Aviation Security Sustainable International Standards Team (ASSIST), a group of veteran security experts, to collaborate with Georgian aviation security officials. The ASSIST group and their UTA counterparts will assess such aviation security program aspects as training needs, equipment, and current aviation security laws and regulations. Following the initial survey, TSA and UTA will work together to effectively build sustainable aviation security institutions and practices.

The ASSIST program is part of TSA's ongoing efforts to promote the secure movement of people and commerce worldwide. Through ASSIST, TSA has identified a number of international lessons-learned and best practices regarding aviation security. TSA plans to expand this program to additional nations in the future.

More information on TSA and ASSIST is available at www.tsa.gov.