TSA Statement on Newark Airport Incident

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The circumstances surrounding the incident at Newark Airport on Sunday are under full review. Clearing Terminal C's concourses and rescreening all passengers was necessary given the fact an individual violated access controls and entered the sterile area. TSA regrets any inconvenience this may have caused travelers.

Since Sunday:

  • TSA has initiated a review of the specific incident and local incident response plans.
  • TSA has sent a notice to all federal security directors instructing them to review and exercise their airport access event response plans.
  • TSA has met with the Port Authority, who is responsible for the operation of the surveillance cameras, and will work with them to ensure consistent performance and confirm operational readiness.
  • TSA has modified the staffing and configuration at the exit lanes in Terminal C.
  • Immediately following the breach, the officer on duty at the exit lane was reassigned to non-screening duties pending TSA's decision on further disciplinary action. On Tuesday, January 5, the officer was placed on administrative leave.
  • TSA is committed to working with our airline and law enforcement partners at Newark Liberty Airport to determine together how overall coordination and response can be improved during an incident.