TSA recognizes the Oley Foundation for contributions to the traveler experience

Local Press Release
Tuesday, August 8, 2017

WASHINGTON – The Oley Foundation of Albany, New York, was recognized by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and was presented with the TSA Disability and Multicultural Coalition Partnership Award during the agency’s 15th Annual Disability and Multicultural Coalition Conference held in Arlington, Virginia, today.

TSA recognized NY-based The Oley Foundation along with the Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund of Washington, DC, with the award that recognizes organizations that provide invaluable service and contributions to TSA in enhancing the traveler experience and ensuring fair and lawful treatment of all passengers, while keeping the highest standards of transportation security. 

The Oley Foundation, which works to enrich the lives of those living with home intravenous nutrition and tube feeding through education, advocacy and networking was recognized for being a partner with the TSA since its inception and for consistently providing support and advocacy to promote TSA programs and initiatives while sharing valuable feedback and information with the agency. Through proactive advocacy, The Oley Foundation has provided TSA with information and feedback of screening experiences of individuals who have medical conditions and use intravenous nutrition so that TSA understands screening-related accommodations that can provide a smoother screening experience for these individual travelers.

“TSA commends The Oley Foundation for its commitment and continued work on behalf of so many travelers with medical conditions,” said Kimberly Walton, TSA’s Assistant Administrator of Civil Rights and Liberties, Ombudsman, and Traveler Engagement. “Our partnership is instrumental in strengthening our training programs, and this conference supports our efforts to improve the screening experience, while providing the most effective and efficient aviation security for all travelers.”

This year’s Disability and Multicultural Coalition Conference focused on innovation and highlighted TSA programs and initiatives that improve the security screening experience for passengers with medical conditions and disabilities as well as individuals from religious and cultural groups.  

Held annually, the conference brings together TSA leadership and leaders from organizations representing various religious, cultural, and disability communities to discuss security screening and issues of concern to coalition constituencies.