TSA officer helps a Cleveland Hopkins International Airport passenger find valuable ring

Thursday, August 17, 2017

CLEVELAND – A Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Supervisory Transportation Security Officer (STSO) helped reunite a passenger traveling through Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE) with a valuable ring she misplaced at a security checkpoint last month.

Marijke Dauwen, who wears her deceased brother’s class ring as a tribute to him, was passing through a TSA security checkpoint at CLE last month when another passenger inadvertently picked up the ring. Dauwen notified TSA STSO Jennifer Jakischa, who reassured Dauwen that the ring would be found before escorting her to her gate in time to catch her flight.

Jakischa immediately began looking for the ring and had already found it and emailed Dauwen before she reached her final destination.

“I can't tell you how relieved I was when I received the message upon arriving in Washington DC,” Dauwen said. “Thank you so much for all the effort TSA put into retrieving this ring! It has great emotional value for me since it belonged to my brother who passed away 12 years ago. I especially would like to thank TSA STSO Jennifer Jakischa for being very thoughtful, calming me down and making sure I made it to my gate in time to catch my flight.”

After being notified that her ring had been found, Dauwen had her father, Eric Dauwen, come to CLE to retrieve it.

Don Barker, TSA’s Federal Security Director for Ohio, wasn’t at all surprised by Jakischa’s actions.

“STSO Jakischa is one of our very best supervisors,” Barker said. “She goes above and beyond the call of duty on a daily basis. I’m proud of her and all of our TSOs here in Ohio who work hard to ensure the safety and security of the traveling public.”