DuBois Regional Airport gets new state-of-the-art Advanced Imaging Technology checkpoint screening equipment

Local Press Release
Monday, August 21, 2017

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Pa. – The Transportation Security Administration has installed the latest checkpoint screening technology equipment at DuBois Regional Airport (DUJ).

With the addition of the new Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) machine at DUJ, the airport is able to  further strengthen security for passengers flying out of Jefferson County. The machine is state-of-the-art equipment with new automated target recognition software –designed to enhance passenger privacy by eliminating passenger-specific images while improving throughput capabilities of the technology and streamlining the checkpoint screening process.

“Advanced Imaging Technology remains TSA’s best opportunity to detect the aviation security threats of tomorrow,” said TSA’s Federal Security Director for Western Pennsylvania Karen Keys-Turner. “We remain committed to deploying this integral counterterrorism tool in order to ensure the highest level of security for the traveling public.”

AIT is designed to enhance security by safely screening passengers for metallic and non-metallic threats—including weapons, explosives and other objects concealed under layers of clothing.

There is a generic image of all passengers who are screened through the new automated image technology checkpoint screening equipment. It’s the same generic image for all passengers, regardless of their gender, height or weight and is designed to enhance passenger privacy.

Imaging technology screening is safe for all travelers, and the technology meets all known national and international health and safety standards. In fact, the energy emitted by millimeter wave technology is 1,000 times less than the international limits and guidelines.

The new scanning equipment is currently in use at the airport. TSA officers began their training on the new equipment earlier this month.