TSA provides security training to surface transportation operator in Oklahoma City

Local Press Release
Wednesday, August 23, 2017

OKLAHOMA CITY –  Transportation Security Administration (TSA) surface security inspectors conducted training today at Red Carpet Motor Coach Headquarters in Oklahoma City, as part of TSA’s Risk Mitigation Activities for Surface Transportation (RMAST) program.

RMAST supports a national strategy for employing operations by engaging with industry, stakeholders and the traveling public in an effort to mitigate security risks. The program specialists share industry best practice guidance and training modules created by TSA and others to tailor effective and cost-efficient security enhancements that match each mode’s business models.

TSA headquarters and field staff work closely with industry partners to safeguard all four general modes of land-based transportation: mass transit, freight, rail, highway motor carrier, and pipeline. The agency also supports maritime security efforts in close collaboration with the U.S. Coast Guard.

“Our main goal is to provide voluntary training workshops to assist stakeholders such as Red Carpet Motor Coach to help them reduce and mitigate security risks,” said Supervisory Transportation Security Inspector Gerald Gauna, who conducted the training.

Motor coach operators have been among the nation’s most active security partners. At present, TSA imposes no security regulations on the motor coach industry, relying instead on adherence to guidelines and training by industry leaders such as Red Carpet.

The workshop was part of Red Carpet’s annual driver training and included drivers and executives from Oklahoma and Texas. Among the topics covered were active shooter training and improvised explosive device awareness specifically tailored to the motor coach industry.

This year alone, Oklahoma TSA surface inspectors have been involved with assessments and training with motor coaches, school buses, AMTRAK, and Mass Transit.