TSA highlights expanded security checkpoint operations, checked baggage screening capabilities at San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport

Local Press Release
Monday, November 13, 2017

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) today showcased its new and expanded security checkpoint operations and checked baggage capabilities at San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport’s (SBP) new terminal, which opened earlier this month.

Passengers departing SBP will immediately notice improvements to the overall checkpoint screening configuration. There is more queuing space for passengers when approaching the security checkpoint.  In addition, TSA added a dedicated TSA Pre✓® queue to the left of the general screening lanes.

TSA added tables for passengers to remove items from their carry-ons prior to screening. Once screening is complete, passengers have significantly more room to gather their personal items before heading to the gate.

With the expanded footprint, TSA was able to install the latest passenger screening technology. A body scanner, also referred to as Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT), will be used to screen passengers for metallic and non-metallic items concealed in layers of clothing that may pose a threat to commercial aviation.

TSA relocated the security screening equipment that was used in the old terminal’s checkpoint to the new space. This includes the Walk-Through Metal Detector; X-ray system for screening of carry-on baggage; an Explosive Trace Detection machine; and a Bottle Liquid Scanner, which is used for screening medically-necessary liquids in quantities larger than 100 ml. The new terminal also features baggage screening technology located in a secure area behind the ticket counter, away from public view. It is fully integrated and significantly increases TSA’s baggage screening capabilities and efficiency.

“TSA joins with SBP airport officials in celebrating the opening of the new terminal,” said Anita Minaei, TSA federal security director. “The new and expanded footprint allowed TSA the opportunity to install new technology at our security screening checkpoint. This new technology, along with the expanded checkpoint, will continue to allow our transportation security officers the ability to provide world class security and customer service, while executing our critically important security mission.”

TSA screens on average 588 departing passengers a day at SBP.  During peak travel times, that number swells by 50 percent to nearly 900 passengers. This is a nine percent increase over this same time last year.