TSA announces new procedures for screening large electronics in carry-on bags at the Eastern Iowa Airport

Local Press Release
Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Cedar Rapids, Iowa—The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has implemented new carry-on baggage security procedures at the Eastern Iowa Airport (CID).

Last summer, TSA announced the implementation of new screening procedures for electronics larger than cell phones in carry-on bags. TSA is continuing to roll out these new procedures at airports around the country.

“TSA at Cedar Rapids started asking passengers in the standard lane to remove electronics larger than a cell phone from their carry-on bags in mid-November,” said TSA Public Affairs Manager Carrie Harmon. “Travelers should place them in a bin with nothing on top or below, similar to how laptops have been screened for years.” The new rules do not apply to passengers enrolled in TSA Pre✓® who are using the TSA Pre✓® lane.

TSA officers are stationed in front of the checkpoint to guide passengers through the screening process and recommend how best to arrange their carry-on items for X-ray screening. Travelers are encouraged to listen closely to officers, since they also may suggest the removal of other select items, including food, from their carry-on bags. This is not required, but helps X-ray operators get a clearer view of the contents of the bag.

There are no changes to what travelers can bring through the checkpoint. Food and liquid items that comply with the 3-1-1 liquids rule, electronics, and books continue to be allowed in carry-on bags.