TSA Pre✓™ private sector vetting initiative

Friday, September 26, 2014

Administrator John S. Pistole spoke today with aviation professionals on TSA’s ongoing efforts to implement risk-based, intelligence-driven security measures. During his remarks, he announced a private-sector application initiative as an additional option for travelers to apply for TSA Pre✓™.


“TSA is working to establish a relationship with the private sector to enhance its continued efforts to expand the population of travelers using TSA Pre✓™.  By leveraging private-sector best practices in business operations, marketing, and algorithm optimization, TSA hopes to provide a better travel experience for an increased number of ‘trusted travelers’ while focusing our attention on unknown and potentially higher-risk passengers.

By expediting screening for those passengers who are low-risk, TSA Pre✓™ enables us to focus screening efforts on the passengers who we know present a greater risk to aviation security or individuals who we know less and pose an unknown level of risk to the traveling public. TSA continues to employ a multi-layer approach to security, utilizing measures that are both seen and unseen and will always incorporate random and unpredictable security measures. No individual will be guaranteed expedited screening every time.”