TSA Administrator David Pekoske issues statement regarding the appointment of Holly Canevari as TSA’s Deputy Administrator

Friday, September 15, 2023

Holly Canevari
Holly Canevari
Deputy Administrator

WASHINGTON — I am pleased to announce that Holly Canevari is TSA’s new Deputy Administrator, following President Biden’s official appointment Friday afternoon.

Holly has over two decades of policy, legislative and managerial experience. Before stepping into the Acting Deputy Administrator role, Holly most recently served as Chief of Staff of TSA, overseeing the offices of Legislative Affairs; Strategy, Policy, and Innovation; and Strategic Communications and Public Affairs. Throughout her time at TSA, she has been invaluable in driving and executing TSA, DHS and White House priorities, while also proving herself to be a collaborative, innovative and inclusive leader within the agency.

Holly has a deep understanding of the Department and its Components. From 2012-2017, she served as the Chief of Staff in the Office of Policy at the Department of Homeland Security. Prior to her time in Policy, she was a senior staff member on the U.S. House Committee on Homeland Security, where she was responsible for management and workforce issues. She also served as a senior staff member for Congresswoman Jane Harman, where she focused on port security, information sharing and aviation security. 

I am thrilled Holly will continue her service to TSA and the nation as TSA’s Deputy Administrator. I look forward to continuing our work together in investing in TSA’s workforce, maintaining and strengthening our partnerships with transportation stakeholders and driving innovation to remain ahead of emerging threats.