TSA Administrator testifies before Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation

Friday, April 8, 2016

TSA Administrator Peter Neffenger testified Wednesday, April 6, before the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation in a hearing titled “Transportation Security: Protecting Passengers and Freight”.

During the hearing, Neffenger discussed the importance of understanding and tracking threats to transportation as well as continuously vetting travelers and credentialed employees.

Neffenger also discussed the work TSA does with international partners to mitigate risks at last point of departure airports by inspecting and assessing compliance with international standards to ensure passenger and cargo flights bound for the United States are secure.

“Recent terror attacks on mass transit and passenger rail carriers in France and Belgium provide a compelling reminder of the need to remain vigilant,” said Neffenger.

Public awareness is key for supporting TSA’s security efforts; therefore, TSA encourages travelers to remember “If You See Something, Say Something™.” Similarly, TSA’s Not On My Watch program is designed to make employees of transportation systems part of awareness programs intended to safeguard national transportation systems against terrorism and other threats.

To learn more, read the testimony.