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Highway and Motor Carrier Partnerships and Collaborations

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Government Partners

Highway Government Coordinating Council (Highway GCC):  The objective of the Highway GCC is to coordinate highway and motor carrier security strategies and activities; to establish policies, guidelines and standards; and to develop program metrics and performance criteria for the mode. The Highway GCC fosters communication across government, and between the government and private industry in support of the nation's homeland security mission. The Highway GCC acts as the counterpart to the private industry-led Highway Sector Coordinating Council (Highway SCC) for review and development of security programs necessary to protect the nation's highway and motor carrier mode.  The Highway GCC addresses highway infrastructure, commercial vehicle operations, and supporting facilities as outlined in the National Strategy for Transportation Security (NSTS).

Industry Partners

Private sector owners and operators and representative associations of highway and motor carrier assets have formed a Highway Infrastructure and Motor Carrier Sector Coordinating Council (Highway SCC) to partner with senior government officials to collaborate and communicate on security initiatives designed to enhance the protection of the transportation sector’s critical infrastructure and key resources. The Highway SCC is an industry advisory body that, as appropriate, coordinates the private industry perspective on highway and motor carrier security policy, practices, and standards that affect the transportation sector.

The Highway SCC operates in a similar manner to the GCC described above. It includes members from the motorcoach, school bus, the trucking industry, and related associations. Many of the members are either an association representative or an employee for a private company in one of the highway transportation industries.

Latest revision: 30 July 2014