Can an applicant get an HME on their CDL if they hold a valid TWIC®?

Section 1978 of the TSA Modernization Act passed in October 2018 allows states to issue an HME on a state-issued CDL to a driver who holds a valid Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC®). This provision allows states to utilize the existing TWIC® to verify the completion of the TSA security threat assessment. TSA has approved an exemption from certain portions of the current regulations. This exemption relieves states from requiring an additional HME application from individuals, and relieves individuals from having to submit certain information and fees to receive a state issued HME if they hold a valid TWIC®. Per the approved exemption memo, the state must verify the validity of the TWIC® using methods prescribed by TSA prior to issuing the HME. The expiration date of any HME issued through this process will not extend past the expiration date of the relevant TWIC®. Check with your state for more details.