What technologies is TSA testing for possible future use?

TSA is testing 1:n (one to many) facial identification capabilities by utilizing CBP’s Traveler Verification Service to compare a passenger’s live image to a gallery of reference photos. TSA and CBP have performed a series of pilots under their partnership on biometric technology. In October 2017, TSA tested the use of CBP’s facial recognition technology at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK). A second test of facial recognition technology with CBP was conducted at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) in early 2018, and continues at ATL.

TSA is also testing 1:1 (one to one) facial matching capabilities by integrating biometric capture with CAT machines to verify a live image capture against the image on a credential (e.g. passport or ID photo). In September 2019 at McCarran International Airport (LAS), TSA conducted a proof of concept to assess the operational performance of 1:1 facial matching with a CAT device. In the next iteration of this proof of concept, TSA will explore self-service options to reduce contact between passengers and officers in response to COVID-19. TSA will continue to notify the public of its pilots and testing efforts via publicly issued PIAs.