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Likelihood of receiving TSA Pre✓®

TSA Pre✓® helps strengthen security by identifying low-risk individuals through pre-screening. This allows TSA to focus resources on travelers about whom we know less about, while providing the most effective security in the most efficient way.

Passengers with a Known Traveler Number
Passengers who have been issued a Known Traveler Number (KTN) by TSA or CBP have generally undergone a vetting process or background check as part of their employment or via a DHS Trusted Traveler program. Since TSA knows more about these passengers they are more likely to be eligible for TSA Pre✓® screening more often than passengers the agency knows less about.

Interested in joining a DHS Trusted Traveler program? Learn more.

TSA Initiatives
TSA has implemented several initiatives to allow more passengers to experience TSA Pre✓®.

  • Managed Inclusion combines the use of multiple layers of security to indirectly conduct a real-time assessment of passengers at select airports. This initiative will operate at designated checkpoints at different times, depending on passenger volume and other variables.
  • Risk Assessments are conducted using TSA’s Secure Flight system to identify travelers who may be eligible for TSA Pre✓® screening using information already collected and provided to TSA by the airlines. This program is used on a flight-by-flight basis and does not require passengers to enroll in a DHS Trusted Traveler program. If a passenger is eligible for TSA Pre✓® for a particular flight, a TSA Pre✓® indicator will be embedded in the barcode of the boarding pass so that when scanned at the checkpoint, the passenger may be referred to a TSA Pre✓® lane.

Passengers who are deemed eligible for TSA Pre✓® via one of these two TSA initiatives will receive TSA Pre✓® screening on a flight-by-flight basis and should not expect it each time they fly.

Latest revision: 27 March 2015