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If your flight is within 72 hours, please call TSA Cares (855) 787-2227 to request assistance. TSA Cares assistance is only available for help through the screening checkpoint. If you need in-flight assistance or wheelchair assistance from the curb to the flight, please contact your airline.

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* Describe the type of assistance you need at the screening checkpoint. If the request is for a child, please provide their age. See below for examples of information that may be helpful for TSA Cares:

  • Difficulty standing or waiting in line
  • Difficulty following instructions 
  • Mobility limitations including difficulty standing, walking or lifting your arms
  • Use of mobility aids or support devices
  • Internal/external devices or other concerns that may affect your ability to use screening technology
  • Transporting medically necessary liquids, gels, aerosols over 3.4oz
  • Traveling with a service animal 
  • Difficulty understanding and communicating in English
  • Religious or cultural items
  • Religious headwear or garments
  • A Tribal traveler with cultural, sacred items and/or regalia
  • Concerns regarding screening for transgender and gender diverse individuals
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