Leadership and Organization


David P. Pekoske

The Administrator of the Transportation Security Administration is responsible for a workforce of approximately 60,000 employees charged with protecting U.S. transportation systems and the traveling public. The Administrator assesses intelligence and threats related to transportation security. Under the direction of the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, the Administrator exercises authority, direction and control over the Transportation Security Administration.

Stacey FitzmauriceDeputy Administrator

Holly Canevari

The Deputy Administrator is delegated full power and authority to act for the Administrator and exercises authorities related to transportation security as the Administrator considers appropriate, to the extent authorized by law.

Senior Leaders

Chief of Staff

Acting Chief of Staff Myung Kim

The Chief of Staff serves as a liaison to administration, department and component officials, and provides strategic counsel on matters related to public and legislative affairs, policy matters and planning issues.

Deputy Chief of Staff, Vacant


Legislative Affairs Assistant Administrator Charles Makings

Legislative Affairs is responsible for developing and implementing strategies within the agency to achieve congressional approval or authorization of the agency's programs and policies.

Strategic Communications and Public Affairs Assistant Administrator Alexa Lopez

Strategic Communications and Public Affairs facilitates understanding of the TSA mission and activities by strategically communicating with internal and external audiences in a timely, accurate and transparent manner.

Strategy, Policy Coordination, and Innovation 

Strategy, Policy Coordination, and Innovation develops, coordinates, and synchronizes enterprise-level strategies, plans, performance measures, risks, policies and innovation activities to meet the Administrator’s Intent and priorities while harnessing new opportunities to advance transportation security.

Enterprise Support

Executive Assistant Administrator Julie Scanlon

Enterprise Support is responsible for delivering a wide array of critical support services and capabilities necessary for all of TSA to meet its mission. This includes the procurement of supplies and services, the management of acquisition programs, the control of government property, the management and security of more than 5 million square feet of real estate across the U.S., and the assessment of TSA operations to ensure mission effectiveness. Enterprise Support is also responsible for developing, securing, and sustaining information technology capabilities as well as providing human capital support to TSA employees, including recruitment, security clearances/suitability determinations, employee benefits, occupational safety, employee relations/discipline, and workforce training and development.

Deputy Executive Assistant Administrator Kim Hutchinson


Acquisition Program Management Assistant Administrator Mario Wilson

Acquisition Program Management is responsible for building TSA’s capabilities by managing the acquisition, testing, deployment and sustainment of security technology and other acquisition programs.

Contracting and Procurement Assistant Administrator J. William Weinberg

Contracting and Procurement is responsible for acquiring TSA’s capabilities by negotiating and awarding contracts and other procurement vehicles.

Human Capital Assistant Administrator Jason Nelson

Human Capital provides strategic, sustainable, and comprehensive programs and services that attract, build and inspire a talented workforce through positive customer engagements.

Information Technology Assistant Administrator Yemi Oshinnaiye

Information Technology enables global transportation security by providing information technologies and services.

Operations Management  Assistant Administrator Brett Gunter

The Assistant Administrator for Enterprise Support Operations Management provides leadership, direction, management and support for the operations and activities of Enterprise Support with specific focus on budget and financial management, resource management, policy coordination, communication and organizational performance measures.

Security and Administrative Services Assistant Administrator Larry Smith

SAS reinforces TSA’s mission by delivering agile and effective security and safety services with care, concern and business acumen.

Training and Development Assistant Administrator Tina Cariola

Training and Development oversees the development, delivery and evaluation of training and development programs for TSA employees as well as industry and international partners.

Law Enforcement/Federal Air Marshal Service

Executive Assistant Administrator/Director Brian C. Belcher

Executive Assistant Administrator/Director for the Law Enforcement/Federal Air Marshal Service deploys federal air marshals on U.S. aircraft world-wide; conducts protection, response, detection and assessment activities in airports and other transportation systems.


Field Operations Assistant Administrator William Aupperlee

The Field Operations Division is responsible for providing direction, leadership and supervision to 20 Federal Air Marshal Service Field Offices, ensuring policy and procedures are carried out as intended and developing, fostering and administering programs.

Flight Operations Acting Assistant Administrator Jared Addorisio

The Flight Operations Division is responsible for the deployment of Federal Air Marshals on aircraft; daily operational incident management; domain awareness; and armed security officer training in direct support of the TSA LE/FAMS mission and Concept of Operations.

Operations Management Assistant Administrator Karen Shelton Waters

Operations Management is responsible for providing leadership, management and support services to LE/FAMS headquarters, field programs, and employees in the areas of budget and finance, human resources, logistics, staffing, policy coordination and organizational performance measures. 

Operations Support

Executive Assistant Administrator Stacey Fitzmaurice

Stacey FitzmauriceOperations Support provides innovative solutions and processes to protect the U.S. transportation systems and the traveling public. These solutions include assessing intelligence and threats related to transportation security, managing all TSA enrollment, vetting, credentialing and prescreening programs, developing and coordinating multimodal transportation security policy and programs, and strengthening TSA’s operational capabilities in order to meet the TSA mission.

Deputy Executive Assistant Administrator  Chad M. Gorman


Enrollment Services and Vetting Programs Assistant Administrator John "Neal" Latta

Enrollment Services & Vetting Programs (ESVP) leads TSA’s enrollment, vetting, credentialing, and prescreening programs and services across aviation, air cargo, maritime, surface and other sectors, to include TSA’s Trusted Traveler and Registered Traveler programs.

Intelligence and Analysis Assistant Administrator Nancy Nykamp

Intelligence and Analysis (I&A) ensures the safety of the traveling public by leading intelligence operations and ensuring timely, relevant and actionable intelligence informs and supports US transportation security stakeholders.

Policy, Plans, and Engagement Assistant Administrator Eddie Mayenschein

Policy, Plans, and Engagement (PPE) develops and coordinates both domestic and international multimodal transportation security programs, directives, strategies and initiatives, while overseeing engagement with industry stakeholders, associations and multilateral organizations. PPE also conducts the TSA’s national training, exercises and emergency preparedness efforts.

Requirements and Capabilities Analysis Assistant Administrator Austin Gould

Requirements and Capabilities Analysis (RCA) strengthens TSA’s operational capabilities by analyzing the domestic and international risk landscape, assessing capabilities gaps to develop user requirements and driving optimal performance through innovation.

Security Operations

Executive Assistant Administrator Melanie Harvey

Security Operations is responsible for security of the nation’s transportation systems to ensure freedom of movement for people and commerce. This includes checkpoint and baggage screening operations impacting millions of passengers at approximately 440 airports every day, oversight of more than 280 international airports conducting last points of departure operations to and from the United States, and a surface network that encompasses freight railroad, passenger rail, mass transit, maritime, and pipelines. Security Operations is also responsible for TSA’s global compliance mission, with key officials and Inspectors in offices around the world ensuring all modes of transportation, including aviation, mass transit, passenger and freight rail, highway and motor carrier, maritime, pipeline, and air cargo, are in compliance with domestic and international regulatory requirements.

Reporting through the Deputy Executive Assistant Administrator, four Assistant Administrators (AAs) and an Executive Director are responsible for Domestic Aviation Operations, International Operations, Operations Management, Surface Operations, and Compliance. Together, the Security Operations team works to protect the nation’s transportation systems by mitigating the dynamic threat against global and domestic transportation systems through an array of countermeasures, including the latest technology, passenger and cargo screening canines, explosives experts, and other specialized programs.

Deputy Executive Assistant Administrator  Steve Lorincz


Compliance Assistant Administrator Kevin F. Frederick

Oversees and enforces TSA’s global compliance mission, with key officials and Transportation Security Inspectors in offices around the world ensuring all modes of transportation, including aviation, mass transit, passenger and freight rail, highway and motor carrier, maritime, pipeline, and air cargo are in compliance and carry out a broad range of domestic and international statutory, regulatory, and program security requirements. Compliance accomplishes these tasks through inspections and assessments of operations and facilities, industry outreach, and other collaborative methods.

Domestic Aviation Operations Assistant Administrator Michal Rottman

Manages TSA's domestic airport security operations at approximately 440 airports. Oversees airport checkpoint, baggage, and air cargo screening and delivers advanced explosives detection capabilities through TSA's specialized canine and explosives specialist teams.

International Operations Assistant Administrator Gary Renfrow

Identifies and mitigates risk by assessing vulnerabilities at international locations to determine risk. Executes mitigation activities to reduce those risks to the United States. When a new threat or vulnerability emerges, International Operations coordinates with foreign governments, stakeholders and partners to implement responses that will effectively mitigate the likelihood of a successful attack.

Operations Management Assistant Administrator Rana Khan

Provides leadership, direction, management, and support services to the workforce, field programs, and Security Operations headquarters in the areas of budget and finance, human resources, logistical support, staffing allocation, establishes standards and directives, emergency preparedness, and determines the effectiveness of Security Operations’ programs. Manages the Security Operations annual budget of more than $4 billion while supporting over 50,000 employees.

Surface Operations Assistant Administrator Sonya Proctor

Provides structured oversight over modal surface transportation systems including Pipeline, Highway and Motor Carrier, Mass Transit and Passenger Rail, and Freight Rail. Surface Operations enhances surface transportation security through planning, developing, and implementing strategic risk-based security programs, compliance requirements and activities intended to prevent catastrophic terrorist events and protect nationally critical infrastructure.  To accomplish this, Surface Operations participates in information sharing, training, system assessments, encourages and facilitates owner/operator adoption of voluntary industry standards, and participates in collaborative law enforcement and security exercises.

Direct Reports

Chief Counsel

Chief Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility

Chief Finance Office

Civil Rights and Liberties, Ombudsman and Traveler Engagement

Assistant Administrator Christine Griggs

Civil Rights and Liberties, Ombudsman and Traveler Engagement is responsible for ensuring that TSA employees and the traveling public are treated in a fair and lawful manner.


Assistant Administrator Susan Tashiro

Inspection ensures the integrity, efficiency and effectiveness of TSA's workforce, operations and programs through objective audits, covert testing, inspections.


Assistant Administrator Kimberley Thompson

TSA Investigations conducts objective criminal and administrative investigations to promote the integrity and effectiveness of TSA's workforce, operations, and programs.