Domestic Aviation Operations - Assistant Administrator

Michal Rottman

Domestic Aviation Operations - Assistant Administrator - Michal Rottman

Michal Rottman is the Assistant Administrator for Domestic Aviation Operations, Security Operations. She provides executive oversight of approximately 430 federalized airports, 74 field executives and over 46,000 Transportation Security Officers. Rottman establishes strategic direction for aviation security operations and regulatory compliance management with a focus on employee engagement, threat detection and developing collaborative teams to identify solutions for a wide range of highly complex issues which have agencywide impact.

Prior to her current role, which she began in November 2022, Rottman served as the Executive Director for Medium Hub Operations, overseeing aviation operations at 147 airports across the nation.

Rottman also served as a Regional Director in the South Central Region of the U.S., providing leadership to more than 5,000 uniformed employees and ensuring security for over 77 million passengers a year. She was the TSA Director of Vetting Operations and has significant expertise in developing large scale vetting programs, identity management/credentialing efforts and security background checks/investigations. She was responsible for the U.S. government’s premier passenger vetting system Secure Flight, which vets over 750 million passengers annually, and for the vetting of 22 million transportation workers.

Rottman has held several leadership positions in TSA, where she was professionally recognized for her proficiency in business operations and organizational transformation through strategic planning and development that vastly improved her organizations and teams. In 2006, the Department of Homeland Security selected Rottman to serve as the U.S. government lead to develop President Bush’s National Strategy for Aviation Security.