Enrollment Services and Vetting Programs Assistant Administrator

John “Neal” Latta

Neal Latta

Neal Latta was selected in September 2021 to serve as the Assistant Administrator for Enrollment Services and Vetting Programs (ESVP) in Operations Support. Latta leads ESVP in establishing and managing program operations, technology, budget, and end-to-end integration of TSA frontline vetting mission priorities. He aligns TSA initiatives with those of the larger DHS vetting enterprise, coordinating and integrating with various entities within the federal government to include state, local, tribal, and private sector stakeholders.

Most recently, Latta served as ESVP’s first Deputy Assistant Administrator for two years. Prior to that, Latta was Director for the Screening Coordination Office within DHS and was responsible for the implementation of numerous executive orders involving U.S. government policy on refugees, information sharing, screening and vetting. He also served as the DHS lead in providing recommendations for policy implementations to various interagency collaborations. In this role, he led the implementation of the National Security Presidential Memorandum for the National Vetting Center. 

Latta has over 25 years of federal government experience in successfully implementing new program initiatives, with a significant emphasis on biometrics and technology. He has overseen and directed high visibility, time sensitive initiatives that cross organizational and functional lines. Latta previously served as Group Chief of the Screening and Vetting Group at the National Counterterrorism Center, where he oversaw and directed day-to-day operations for counterterrorism and high profile screening programs of all persons coming into the U.S.

Latta completed the Homeland Defense Fellowship Program from the National Defense University and holds a bachelor’s degree from North Carolina Wesleyan College in computer information systems and business administration.