Enterprise Support Deputy Executive Assistant Administrator

Kim Hutchinson

Kim Hutchinson

Ms. Kimberly Hutchinson serves as the Deputy Executive Assistant Administrator(DEAA)for Enterprise Support. Prior to her role as the DEAA, Ms. Hutchinson was the Assistant Administrator / Chief Learning Officer for the Office of Training and Development, overseeing TSA's technical and leadership training and development programs for more than 50,000 employees at 450 airports nationwide. Hutchinson has also served as the Deputy Assistant Administrator for both the Office of Training and Development and its predecessor, the Office of Training and Workforce Engagement.

Hutchinson joined the Department of Homeland Security's Office of the Chief Financial Officer in 2004, where she oversaw resource and policy issues for TSA. She subsequently joined TSA's Office of the Chief Financial Officer, with responsibility for TSA's technology portfolio. During her tenure at TSA, Hutchinson has held a number of leadership positions. As Director for the Office of Security Operations Mission Support, she oversaw the budget and administrative support for 450 airports. She also managed the budget for the Office of Law Enforcement/Federal Air Marshal Service. Most recently, Hutchinson served as the Executive Advisor to former TSA Administrator John Pistole.

Hutchinson has extensive knowledge of leadership development. She completed new-hire training as a member of the Office of Security Operations leadership team and graduated from the inaugural TSA Senior Leadership Development Program in 2010. She is a strong supporter of employee engagement and front-line workforce issues, with executive experience in employee communications and collective bargaining activities. In addition, Hutchinson has been a long-time advocate for diversity, as she established the Office of Security Operations Women's Network to promote diversity and increase opportunities in the workplace. She currently serves as the Secretary for Women Executives at TSA.

DEAA Hutchinson is a graduate of the University of Virginia