Executive Assistant Administrator

Julie Scanlon

Julie Scanlon

Julie Scanlon was named TSA Executive Assistant Administrator (EAA) for Enterprise Support in December 2021. She is responsible for implementing processes that strengthen the delivery of critical support services for TSA to meet its mission, driving unity of effort strategies across the agency’s human resources, acquisition, procurement, training, logistics and all other Enterprise Support functions.

Scanlon has over 30 years of service to the federal government and has held multiple senior leadership positions in TSA, including Assistant Administrator for Operations Management in Security Operations and Deputy Assistant Administrator for Human Capital. She effectively managed a Security Operations budget of $4.4 billion; oversaw hiring, training and scheduling; and coordinated workforce support, including the procurement of personal protective equipment for frontline employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. Scanlon was responsible for the TSA Screening Partnership Program and the National Deployment Office, a group of specially trained screening officers who deploy to critical locations as needed. She led the coordination of national DHS security events such as the presidential inauguration and United Nations General Assembly.

As the Deputy Assistant Administrator for Human Capital, Scanlon developed and sustained innovative programs that enabled TSA to attract, hire, retain and optimally deploy a skilled workforce to support the agency’s counterterrorism mission and provide risk-based security for the nation’s transportation systems.

Before joining TSA, Scanlon served the Smithsonian Institution as the Associate Director for Strategic and Administrative Management for the Office of Facilities Engineering and Operations, managing its human capital, strategic planning and communications programs.

She also worked at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), spearheading the implementation of the first pay-for-performance project within the Department of Commerce and enhancing employee satisfaction. Scanlon also played a key role in the National Weather Service Modernization effort, a tri-agency initiative that transformed weather forecasting and services across the country. While at NOAA, she received four bronze medals, NOAA Research Employee of the Year for Outstanding Leadership and the National Weather Service Modernization Award.

Scanlon earned a bachelor’s degree in behavior and social science from the University of Maryland, where she also received her documentation in paralegal studies. Her public sector career is based on her commitment to improve morale and create innovative programs that benefit agencies and employees.