Executive Assistant Administrator Operations Support

Stacey Fitzmaurice

Executive Assistant Administrator Operations Support Stacey Fitzmaurice

Stacey Fitzmaurice currently serves as the Executive Assistant Administrator for Operations Support in the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) where she is responsible for providing innovative solutions and processes to protect the U.S. transportation systems and the traveling public. These solutions include assessing intelligence and threats related to transportation security; managing all TSA enrollment, vetting, credentialing and prescreening programs; developing and coordinating multimodal transportation security policy and programs; and strengthening operational capabilities in order to meet the TSA mission. For her outstanding federal service, she received the Distinguished Presidential Rank Award in 2021. This award honors a select group of high-performing senior career employees for exceptional performance and extraordinary accomplishments.

Ms. Fitzmaurice was selected to serve as the Senior Official Performing the Duties of the Deputy Administrator for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) from January 2020 until June 2023. In this role, Ms. Fitzmaurice’s oversight included all of TSA’s day-to-day operations in the aviation and surface environment, as well as budget and personnel management. During this time, Ms. Fitzmaurice served as the senior agency official on the Aviation Cyber Initiative Executive Committee with FAA and DOD and provided guidance in advancing key programs progress toward implementation including TSA Pay Equity policies, REAL ID, and Operation Allies Welcome.

Prior to her that role, she served as Deputy Executive Assistant Administrator for Security Operations and was responsible for managing TSA’s domestic security operations for over 53,000 employees and a $4.1B annual budget. She oversaw airport checkpoint, baggage and air cargo screening operations for approximately 450 federalized airports, enforced regulatory compliance for transportation security, and delivered advanced explosive detection capabilities through TSA’s specialized behavior detection, canine and transportation security explosive teams.

Ms. Fitzmaurice was appointed to the Senior Executive Service in 2015 where she served as the Deputy Assistant Administrator for TSA’s Intelligence & Analysis (I&A) office and led efforts to strengthen the agency’s intelligence information sharing and counterterrorism programs and oversaw the implementation of recurrent criminal vetting while leading the development of the office’s first set of priority intelligence requirements.

Ms. Fitzmaurice has served in several other leadership positions supporting the operational and program management needs for TSA’s Secure Flight and vetting programs as well as TSA’s Checkpoint Technology portfolio. Before beginning her federal career, Ms. Fitzmaurice held management positions with the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC), US Airways, and Trans States Airlines.

Ms. Fitzmaurice has a bachelor's degree in Political Science from Elon University and graduated from the DHS Senior Executive Service Candidate Development Program in May 2013. She also attended Harvard’s National Preparedness Leadership Institute (NPLI) in 2016 and completed a certificate in Homeland Security Studies from Assero/Tel Aviv University in 2017. She has received numerous TSA and DHS awards for team excellence and leadership. In 2015, Ms. Fitzmaurice was presented with TSA’s Trailblazer Award in recognition of her pioneering efforts toward the advancement of women.