Information Technology

Yemi Oshinnaiye

Information Technology - Yemi Oshinnaiye

Yemi Oshinnaiye was appointed as the Chief Information Officer for the Transportation Security Administration in May 2022. He is responsible for Information Technology software delivery and support, innovation, cybersecurity and all facets of IT resourcing that TSA uses to accomplish its mission. His oversight of IT enables TSA to provide world class security for the American traveling public, while ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of TSA data and resources. 

Oshinnaiye approaches IT with a strategic mindset, ensuring development and operations are agile and responsive to mission needs. He combines his leadership skills with a passion for solving problems through state-of-the-art technology. Previously, Oshinnaiye held the role of Deputy Chief Information Officer for United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for three years. As DCIO, he was responsible for resource management and delivery of IT capability for the nation’s immigration benefits systems. Prior to returning to federal service, Oshinnaiye served as the Chief Technology Officer for Dev Technology, an IT services and integration company where he led efforts in IT strategy, innovation, and solutions for federal clients.

Before Oshinnaiye’s tenure as a CTO, he spent more than five years with the USCIS Office of Information Technology, where his team provided leading-edge authentication solutions to validate applicants’ identities. He was also responsible for implementing software projects and leading efforts to transform delivery to lean-agile cloud services. In addition, Oshinnaiye served as Chief of the Enterprise Infrastructure Division, where he extended cloud capabilities and platforms to enable the expansion of a microservices architecture and further integration with cloud services. He expanded automated deployment capabilities and modernized the USCIS Contact Center by integrating a customer relationship management platform with telephony services and distributed immigration systems.

Before joining USCIS, Oshinnaiye was an entrepreneur and provided IT support, software development and internet-based telephony services to local government agencies, non-profits, and health organizations. Oshinnaiye is a proud graduate of Georgetown University.