Policy, Plans, and Engagement

Eddie Mayenschein

Assistant Administrator Eddie Mayenschein

As the Assistant Administrator for Policy, Plans, and Engagement, Eddie Mayenschein has executive responsibility for developing effective, efficient and risk-reducing security policies and plans in cooperation with the nation’s transportation stakeholders and partners. In this capacity, he spearheads an international effort to protect and secure global, intermodal transportation systems including airports, airlines, general aviation, air cargo, mass transit and passenger rail, freight rail, pipeline, highway and motor carriers, and maritime. Mayenschein oversees TSA’s development, implementation, and training for incident management, emergency response, and continuity of government programs in accordance with the National Response Framework and Federal Continuity Directive.

Mayenschein brings 40 years of aviation experience and a deep understanding of TSA to his role. Previously at TSA, he served as the Deputy Assistant Administrator for Security Policy and Industry Engagement; Federal Security Director at Washington Dulles International Airport; as an aviation expert, collaborating in the development of security threat contingencies for aviation; and as the General Manager of Operations Performance in the TSA Office of Security Operations. In his role in Security Operations, he was directly responsible for all TSA technical training, checkpoint design and operational performance, and other key programs. He also led several classified task forces on overseas threats and developed counterterrorism contingencies with industry and government partners.

Before joining TSA, Mayenschein served as an executive at United Airlines and was Vice President of Flight Operations for Ameriflight, the largest Part 135 airline in the world. In addition to serving 21 years as a US Airways pilot, he held multiple management and executive positions at US Airways and played a key role in leading the airline out of its second bankruptcy. Captain Mayenschein is an FAA Airline Transport Pilot and holds type ratings on multiple aircraft.

Mayenschein also served in the Pennsylvania National Guard where he commanded an attack helicopter battalion and aviation brigade; was a U.S. Coast Guard officer and aviator; and is one of very few military officers designated as both a Naval Aviator and Master Army Aviator, logging over 20,000 accident and incident free hours in both fixed and rotary winged aircraft. In addition, he is a trained, experienced aviation accident investigator and recognized safety and security expert.