TSA by the Numbers

Aviation Security

  • Inspectors
    Responsible for the security of nearly 440 federalized airports
  • More than 50,000 transportation security officers keep people secure
  • More than 600 aviation transportation security inspectors ensure regulatory compliance
  • Nearly 50 percent of TSA officers have five years or more experience as counterterrorism professionals
  • Nearly 20 percent of TSA employees are veterans or still proudly serving
  • TSA screens more than 2 million passengers daily and over 750 million every year
  • TSA screens 1.4 million checked items for explosives and other dangerous items daily
  • TSA screens 5.5 million carry-on items for explosives and other prohibited items every day
  • Responsible for the security of over 23,000 domestic flights per day
  • Responsible for the security of nearly 2,600 outbound international flights per day

Checkpoint Security and Risk-Based Security

  • TSA Precheck Office
    There are nearly 950 advanced imaging technology machines with privacy protecting software at airports nationwide
  • In 2018, officers detected approximately 4,432 firearms at airport checkpoints, averaging 11 firearms per day
  • TSA conducts over 29,000 assessments a year to improve hands on-training with transportation security officers
  • TSA risk-based security is based on the understanding that the vast majority of people traveling pose little to no threat to aviation and applies an intelligence-driven approach focusing on higher-risk and unknown passengers. Through risk-based security:
    • There are over 400 TSA PreCheck® application centers open nationwide
    • TSA PreCheck® is operating at approximately 200 airports
    • More than 8 million passengers each week experience expedited screening

Inbound International Aviation

  • Cargo
    TSA inspects approximately 280 last point-of-departure airports (those with direct flights into the United States)
  • There are 109 countries with at least one last point-of-departure airport
  • Responsible for securing nearly 700 foreign repair stations
  • Approximately 10 billion pounds of cargo is transported on commercial aircraft annually from foreign airports
  • There are 40 recognized countries in the national cargo screening program

Law Enforcement

  • K9 Dog
    Federal air marshals fly millions of miles each year supporting aviation security
  • There are more than 1000 TSA canine teams deployed nationwide tasked with screening passengers and cargo, and supporting other security missions
  • In 2019, more than 300,000 hours of canine explosives detection screening throughout the nation’s transportation system
  • Thousands of federal flight deck officers participate voluntarily to ensure the traveling public security
  • Provide assistance to hundreds of crew member self-defense trainings yearly

Multi-modal Security Efforts

  • Pipeline
    TSA secures the United States transportation network which connects cities, manufacturers and retailers through:
    • More than 4 million miles of roadways
    • Nearly 140,000 miles of railroad track
    • Approximately 612,000 bridges and more than 470 tunnels
    • Approximately 360 maritime ports, over 3,700 marine terminals and approximately 12,000 miles of coastline
    • Approximately 2.75 million miles of pipeline
  • Approximately 250 surface transportation security inspectors ensure the security of the surface transportation arena
  • More than 8,000 surface regulatory inspections are conducted annually in support of risk-based security
  • Nearly 30 million daily trips are taken on public transportation

Last Updated on May 19, 2021