10-year-old boy battling cancer sworn in as TSA officer, Federal Air Marshal

Monday, August 8, 2022
Swearing in ceremony photo

A 10-year-old boy joined TSA’s ranks when he was sworn in as an honorary TSA officer and Federal Air Marshal during a special ceremony at Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH).

FSD Sanchez and DJ photo
Houston Federal Security Director Juan Sanchez congratulates 10-year-old Devarjaye “DJ” Daniel for becoming an honorary TSA officer at George Bush Intercontinental Airport. (IAH Twitter photo)

Devarjaye “DJ” Daniel is battling terminal brain and spine cancer. DJ’s dream is to become a police officer. His mission during his fight against cancer was to join 100 law enforcement agencies. Amazingly, he has surpassed that more than six times.

TSA officials learned about DJ’s goal and immediately set a plan to help make his dream a reality.

IAH Federal Security Director Juan Sanchez welcomed DJ’s family and law enforcement officials to the ceremonial swearing in and recognized DJ’s younger brothers Deondraye and Demariyae. DJ’s father, Theodis Daniel, took the honor of pinning a TSA badge on DJ’s uniform.

“Congratulations, DJ,” Sanchez told the young man after swearing DJ in.

Assistant Federal Security Director for Law Enforcement and Federal Air Marshal Service (LE/FAMS) Supervisor George Ramos then swore DJ in as a Federal Air Marshal, surrounded by members of the TSA/FAMS Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response (VIPR) team.

After being sworn in, DJ gave Sanchez and Ramos big hugs and asked, “Want to hear a joke?” The room erupted into cheers and laughter.

After taking the oath of office, DJ hugged Sanchez and Ramos and shared handshakes with others who joined the celebration.

DJ photo
10-year-old Devarjaye “DJ” Daniel was sworn in as an honorary officer by TSA/Federal Air Marshal Service at George Bush Intercontinental Airport. (IAH Twitter photo)

DJ then worked IAH airport security screening operations as a TSA officer and welcomed travelers, reviewed travel documents, and under the watchful eye of his supervisory officer, inspected identification cards under blue light to validate authenticity.

DJ reminded travelers to remove liquids from their carry-on bags, reviewed X-ray scans, and offered assistance to travelers who required accommodations. He never missed an opportunity to tell a joke, offer a firm handshake or give a hug to brighten a traveler’s day. 

Despite the tremendous heat, he also went outside in his Federal Air Marshal shirt to inspect VIPR vehicles.

The TSA, LE/FAMS swearing in marked the 661st and 662nd agencies to welcome DJ into their ranks.

By Patricia Mancha, TSA Strategic Communications & Public Affairs