Alert Ohio officer “went well above the call of duty”

Thursday, February 27, 2020
TSO Clark

All too often the media puts the TSA or police on blast for some minor indiscretion, but rarely ever do they recognize the many incredible stories of [officers] going above and beyond the call of duty. At John Glenn International Airport, Ohio in Terminal B, Supervisory TSA Officer Taylor Clark went well above the call of duty.

Ten minutes before our flight, we received a call from Enterprise that we left an iPad in our rental car and that they would be able to meet us before the TSA check-

Taylor Clark Pic
in area. This would have surely meant that we would miss our flight now having to go back through the security checkpoint. Clark overheard our issue and going on minimal details stepped in to help. 

She left and quickly found the Enterprise representative, retrieved the iPad, ran it through the security screening process, and caught us on our way. It may not sound like much but my colleague and I were so taken back by her kindness and care to our situation.

Clark made our day and proved there are good people out there with integrity who will help you without expecting anything in return. God bless her!

Tom McCann