Denver officers rush to rescue motorcyclist after crash

Monday, June 10, 2019
Denver Officers

TSA officers from Denver International Airport were driving from Denver to Fort Collins/Loveland Airport to screen a flight when a man riding a motorcycle suddenly lost control of his bike and crashed into the median. 

The TSA team, who were first on the scene to the accident, immediately sprang into action. The man was unconscious and his motorcycle had landed on top of him, so two officers teamed up to lift the heavy bike off the motorist.

Meanwhile, the other officers immediately contacted 911, directed passing traffic away from the injured motorist, and collected his belongings that had scattered all over the roadway. Once the scene was secured, supervisory officer Deanna Luna stayed with the man and waited for paramedics and police, while the other officers reported for duty at Fort Collins/Loveland Airport to screen the flight. 

Before Luna left the scene, she was happy to report that the man had regained consciousness and was taken to a local hospital where he received care. Deputy Federal Security Director Anne Cross praised the officers for their quick action. “These officers embodied the true essence of public service,” said Cross. “We are proud to have each of them on the Denver team.”