Employee Spotlight: Human Resources Specialist Ahasuerus Hope

Tuesday, December 15, 2020
SAT Human Resources Specialist Ahasuerus Hope

As Human Resources Specialist for San Antonio International Airport (SAT) and seven other airports in the area, Ahasuerus Hope resolves difficult human capital issues. She provides leadership with guidance, training and support on a long list of policies and procedures that affect compensation, benefits, labor relations, workforce development and recruitment and hiring.

Human Resources matters because “it ensures that we take actions to select, train and deploy the best skill sets to meet our operational requirements,” said Hope.

Her first name, Ahasuerus (HAS-uh-were-re-us), is Hebrew for “ruler of kings.” She’s grown into the esteemed biblical name her father gave her by respecting and understanding the people she serves.

Hope is a natural-born sales person, an occupation she excelled at while working her way to a Master of Public Administration. In retail sales as well as in Human Resources, she credits her success to communicating effectively. “Effective communication is not just about exchanging information, but understanding its intent,” said Hope. “I make people comfortable by explaining why we do the things we do.”

This is a skill easier said than done. “Communicating effectively is a skill which takes time to develop and requires patience,” said Hope.  “You can be an expert in your job, but if you can’t communicate effectively, it can hinder your effectiveness to support the mission.”

kids photo
Hope participates in a school supply donation at Millers Point Elementary School in Converse, Texas. (Photo courtesy of Ahasuerus Hope)

Complacency has no home in Hope’s life. Her favorite saying – a student can become a teacher, but a teacher never stops being a student – stokes her fire for self-improvement and proficiency.

“Self-improvement is all about continuing to understand who you are, your purpose in life and what you want in order to be the best you,” said Hope. She also said that on her evaluations, no supervisor can ever grade harder than she assesses herself.

Hope acknowledges, “Being proficient is not just about demonstrating a certain level of experience, but actually enjoying what you do. When you are passionate about your job, it is truly a driving factor in being proficient.”

She’s also passionate about community service. As a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, she serves as the international membership vice chair and serves the community through national programs and partnerships such as Operation Big Book Bag.

Why did you join TSA?

I had an opportunity to become a case worker for the state of Tennessee but decided to go with TSA because it was a federal agency that could provide career longevity. I saw more opportunities within the agency than the state and felt this agency would afford me growth.

What are you most proud of in your career at TSA?

I am most proud of my professional development and growth. I hope that my upward movement in the agency from a [TSA officer] to HR Specialist is inspiration to others to believe in yourself and continue to strive for excellence.

What do you find most rewarding about your work at TSA?

Every situation, employee concern and management inquiry challenges me to ensure I provide accurate guidance through effective communication while providing exceptional customer service.