Houston Officer Mentors Youth

Friday, February 7, 2020
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Editor’s Note: This is part of a series of stories to spotlight the exceptional work of TSA employees who have volunteered outside of their normal duties and responsibilities to lend a “helping hand” to others in service to our country

Every child should have a role model who sets a positive example and genuinely cares. TSA Supervisor Kevin Freeman wants to be that person for as many kids as possible.

Freeman engages the young men in his community as an assista

Freeman and scouts
nt scoutmaster for the Boy Scouts of America. Volunteering with the Scouts puts Freeman in position to be a mentor for dozens of young men in his troop.

“Kids today need someone who can relate to them on their level,” said Freeman, who claims to be a kid at heart. Freeman is there when the kids need someone to listen to them and enjoys watching them learn and grow. “I enjoy watching these young boys become men; helping them become leaders, servants to their country; and learn skill sets that will serve them for life.”

In addition to serving with the Scouts, Freeman volunteers as a mentor with an organization called Touching Another Generation (TAG). Houston’s Lilly Grove Missionary Baptist Church started TAG to give young people positive role models. Freeman also serves as an usher and a leader for the church’s youth usher team.

Freeman also serves as a football coach for the Humble High School flag football tea

Freeman Service
m. His team has played in state championship games, and one of his athletes played in the NFL. “I love seeing them become something later on,” Freeman said of the youth he has impacted.

Freeman grew up in a small Louisiana town that didn’t provide him with the same opportunities that he provides his son and other young men today. One person who inspired Freeman was his older brother. “He was always taking care of us; he was a motivator,” said Freeman. Now, Freeman’s son joins him in giving back to the community. “The reason I do what I do is I want my son to receive blessings and know how to give blessings.”

After nearly 18 years with TSA, Freeman gives this advice to Officers who want to follow his example: “Never forget where you come from.” Freeman remembers the people who have helped him in the past, and now he passes that on to the next generation. “I truly believe being a positive role model will ensure the success of each individual who follows my path in life.”