Kudos Across America – Alamosa, Colorado

Wednesday, April 14, 2021
Team ALS

I recently travelled from Alamosa, Colorado [San Luis Valley Regional Airport – ALS] to Denver. I am a trans women, and as such I have to advise the TSA agents to press the right button! before I enter the [body scanner].

Officer Martinez photo
San Luis Valley Regional Airport Supervisory TSA Officer Chris Martinez. Photo taken pre-pandemic. (Photo courtesy of TSA ALS)

A TSA employee [Supervisory TSA Officer Christopher Martinez] came up to me twice during the screening process to reassure me that part of their job is to help create a passenger friendly environment. [Martinez] said if I ever had any problems during the screening process, experienced any form of harassment, discrimination or negligence toward me, I should be sure to contact the TSA Contact Center. He gave me a business card with the necessary contact information.

I felt such peace of mind after that encounter.

So thank you for any diversity training that TSA agents take before they go out in the field. Martinez was an absolute gentleman, and his demeanor was kind, calm and professional.