Kudos Across America – Arlington, Virginia

Monday, February 26, 2024

I had to let you know that I barely made it to my flight recently, and managed to forget my jacket (of my new suit and the only one that actually fits me right now) at the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport TSA checkpoint.
Out of breath on the flight, the passengers around me (somewhat sarcastically) wished me luck on getting my jacket back ‘from TSA’.

DCA TSO Lillian Dixon
DCA TSO Lillian Dixon (Photo by Tianna Dockett)

I did not need luck. All I needed was your amazing team member, TSA Officer Lillian Dixon. I can’t thank her enough for her attention, follow-up, and overall pleasantness in what was an undoubtedly a chaotic and stressful season. 
I wanted to be sure to let her office know how much I appreciate her and all that you (TSA) do, every day. Thank you for helping me out in what everyone else (wrongly!) said was a lost cause. 

Roxanne A. Volkmann

By Wayne Carey, Strategic Communications & Public Affairs