Kudos Across America – Boise, Idaho

Monday, July 31, 2023
Boise International Airport main lobby.  (Photo by Dee Dee Krakowski)

Boise, ID TSA Supervisor Nicole turned my worst day of the year into one of the best.

Boise LTSO Nicole White. (Photo by Dee Dee Krakowski)
Boise LTSO Nicole White. (Photo by Dee Dee Krakowski)

I lost my wallet after going through TSA screening and was in a near panic. Searching through my bag, retracing my steps, checking in twice with TSA and airport operations lost and found; I was ready to give up. I went back to the checkpoint one last time to see if I could get someone to search the restricted screening area to see if my wallet had somehow hit the floor.

Nicole (Lead TSA Officer Nicole White) came to my aid and searched the area thoroughly, but no luck. She offered to run my bag through the X-ray again to see if she could see it. I had low confidence that would reveal anything but it did, and she found it in a pocket that I thought I’d checked three times. I can’t begin to describe the joy and can’t thank Nicole enough for going above and beyond. She could have stopped at checking the area, but worked to exhaust every possibility.

I travel a good amount and I don’t always have great TSA experiences. I will always, remember my experience in Boise and how great Nicole was when she genuinely worked to help a person in real need.

By Wayne Carey, Strategic Communications & Public Affairs