Kudos Across America - Chicago

Thursday, September 14, 2023
Chicago O’Hare International Airport Supervisory TSA Officer Jonathan Curbis and TSA Officer Matt Wieckowicz. Not pictured, TSA Officer Ola Soltysyk. (Photo by Shaquita Selvy)

To whom it may concern:

I am a disabled traveler, and I just came through security at Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD). I have a Florida driver’s license, and when my license was run in the TSA system (TDC), it didn’t come up as valid. I explained to the ORD TSA officer that my ID had gotten me here, so I asked what was wrong with my ID. She wasn’t sure but said she should go back and talk to United.

Another ORD TSA Officer named Matt Wieckowicz came over as he saw that I was struggling. I travel on a mobile scooter, and I was flustered because I was scared that my ID would not get me on the flight. So, Matt kindly and gently taught the new TSA officer how to run and verify my ID.

ORD photo

I was impressed that Matt saw my need as a disabled traveler and went out of his way to come to rectify the situation. By the way, the other officer (TSA Officer Ola Soltysyk) who originally ran my ID was kind as well, and I know she was just doing her job to the best of her abilities, and it seems like she hadn’t seen another Florida ID of this type. But Matt’s intervention, using his experience, saved the day and got me through security.

Matt helped disassemble my scooter and get the luggage on the conveyor belt. Then Ola assisted me with my pat-down. Both Matt and Ola made it a seamless experience for me. They were so kind, helped me gather my belongings, and did it all with a smile and with extra care. I was shocked by how far they went out of the way to help make this travel experience a great one.

I asked if I could speak with a manager or supervisor, because I wanted to report how awesome Matt and Ola are. I was introduced to Supervisory TSA Officer Jonathan Curbis who also welcomed me into his space, listened to what I had to say about his officers, and kindly asked me if I would document what I was saying. I asked him if he had water or if he could fill my water bottle in the meantime, while I am writing this up, and he said, “Sure, let me go fill your water bottle,” which he did while I typed this up.

Thank you, TSA, for doing a wonderful job and for training your officers to be conscientious, thoughtful, careful, safe, friendly, empathetic, and courteous. It made my day. I hope this report brings a smile to your face as well!

Catherine Jackson

By Wayne Carey, Strategic Communications and Public Affairs