Kudos Across America – Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport

Thursday, August 12, 2021
Officer Rodriguez photo

I am writing to inquire whom to contact regarding exemplary work and service by TSA.

Officer Rodriguez head shot photo
Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport Supervisory TSA Officer Nadir Rodriguez. (Photo by Charlene Willis)

My elderly mother was going through Dallas on her way to the Philippines when she was not allowed to board her next flight. Confusion arose as a result, and we lost contact with her.

The next day, my older brother received a call from Nadir Rodriguez, who works as a TSA supervisor (STSO) at a Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) checkpoint. He said he is with her after encountering her walking with her airport wheelchair and trying to get out of the airport secure area.

Rodriguez confirmed he could get her a new American Airlines ticket to return to Indianapolis and send an escort with her to the gate. My family and I were so worried for many hours. We contacted DFW and were not getting far.

We want to thank STSO Nadir Rodriguez and the TSA staff for their kindness and help to be reunited with our mother.

Could you please direct my message to the right office so we could thank TSA?

Paul Tan