Kudos Across America – Dillingham, Alaska

Tuesday, September 21, 2021
NDF at Dillingham Airport photo

The entire team at Dillingham was good. However, TSA Officer Ryan [Woichik] stood out in professionalism, customer service and screening.

Woichik photo
Dillingham Airport TSO Ryan Woichik (Photo courtesy of TSA DLG)

As they do not have baggage X-ray equipment there, I was impressed with how thorough the baggage searches were to keep passengers safe on our trip.

Many people traveling [through] there are on outdoor adventures, and despite their best efforts packing, occasional things such as matches would be in the bags I observed being searched.

Ryan was clear in explanation, communicated the rules/regulations well and was helpful in trying to find a solution if the situation arose where things were not in the right bags or locked correctly.

I was very impressed at how he represented TSA and the thorough job done.

Greg Boyer