Kudos Across America – Līhuʻe, Hawaii

Wednesday, September 20, 2023
LIH STSOs Aaron Lin and Kalea Pereza. (Photo by LaVonne Pironti)

To Whom It May Concern:

I do not have enough moments in my lifetime to thank the Lihue International Airport (LIH) Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and Delta Airlines staff that helped us get on our flight back to Los Angeles.

After being delayed for over seven hours and deplaning twice with Hawaiian Airlines for a flight home, we were fortunate enough to be rebooked on the Delta flight at literally the last possible minute. Due to the Delta desks and kiosks being closed, TSA worked with us to be checked in online, and they also helped us get a large bag through security as Delta had already closed its luggage check-in. Lihue International Airport (LIH

At every hurdle, they helped us get through it with another resource or idea, especially the LIH Supervisor TSA Officers Aaron Lin and a pregnant Kalea Pereza). When only two of us could be checked in online, they told us to go to the desk to see if we could get the tickets there. They helped expedite us getting checked in. Making sure to give us invaluable tips and tricks to expedite the process with the mere minutes we had to make it on the flight.

I cannot express my gratitude enough as I at this moment writing this with the plane taking off. We have always loved Kauai and visited countless times, but I without a doubt felt the true aloha spirit with the workers at Lihue tonight.

Raising young children today and being a public school teacher in Los Angeles, it can be hard to find the good in the world to show our children, but in that moment, a moment so chaotic and stressful after an arduous and horrible day, I saw the inherent goodness and helpfulness of humanity. I could literally cry when I think of their kindness.

LIH STSOs Aaron Lin and Kalea Pereza at the LIH checkpoint. (Photo by LaVonne Pironti)
LIH STSOs Aaron Lin and Kalea Pereza at the LIH checkpoint. (Photo by LaVonne Pironti)

I will be forever and eternally grateful to each and every one of the TSA workers who helped the frazzled and crying family of five, with those three little girls, get home safely. They truly are the best and I only wish I could thank each of them personally.

Nicole Flamango

EDITOR’S NOTE:  On September 6, LIH Supervisor TSA Officers Pereza gave birth to a baby girl named Hilina’I Katahira. LIH Supervisor TSA Officers Lin, a member of the TSA Pacific Olympic team, participated in the competition at Dulles International Airport where the team finished in 7th place.  Congratulations to all three.

By Wayne Carey, TSA Strategic Communications & Public Affairs