Kudos Across America – Lincoln, Nebraska

Wednesday, April 19, 2023
Lincoln Airport Lead TSA Officer Christina Boyd (Photo by Jeremy Schaefer)

I am an African American woman with locs and today I had my hair in a small ponytail. My hair often alerts security and today was no different. It is concerning as a person of color to have my hair touched and picked through by others who may be unfamiliar with the cultural significance of the hairstyle.

Lincoln Airport (Photo by Jeremy Schaefer)
Lincoln Airport (Photo by Jeremy Schaefer)

When the officer came to inspect my hair, she was courteous and listened to my concerns. She was able to conduct her search without unnecessary issue. In my experience, it is not often that TSA officers conduct themselves in such a respectful and courteous manner. I appreciate her honor and respect for me and my cultural identity. It is people like her that make sure that ALL people feel welcome. She is an excellent example of what all TSA officers should be.

Please extend my sincere gratitude to Officer Christina Boyd at Lincoln Airport in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Tiffany Carter

By Wayne Carey, Strategic Communications and Public Affairs